About Us

system 2 is part of a new movement in the craft trades. Where traditionally there has been a split between the old school and the modern shop, a new synthesis of advanced materials and methods with exquisite hand work and finishing allows today's craftsperson to produce superb projects to exacting standards, on budget and on time.

Our dedicated craftspeople are committed to producing only the finest cabinetry and furniture, and no detail is considered too small to attend to. Installations are completed by specialists who understand that the magic of a newly transformed space lies in the details.

Our clean, modern production facility is fully outfitted including CNC production and state of the art finishing equipment. Rigid adherence to production schedules and unrelenting standards in construction and finish get your project completed beautifully and delivered on time, allowing the job to complete on schedule and you to move on to new work without delay.

We focus on open communication, leveraging the benefits of modern collaborative tools to improve information sharing throughout the process. This ensures that your project is fabricated exactly as you envisioned the first time, and the results are magnificent.