System 2 is the mind’s analytical mode, where reason dominates

- Daniel Kahneman


Design Without Limitations


You are the designer.

We are here to engineer & fabricate your vision, exactly as you intend without compromise or surprises.

Using the best materials and hardware by default, everything is built to exact specification. Whatever material, door style, finish and construction your project requires is executed superbly.

Potential challenges are anticipated and addressed in the development phase, allowing you to rethink the design if needed. Before fabrication begins on every project, we produce exact shop drawings showing precisely what will appear in the space.

Your renderings come to life in the client's home exactly as you, and they, expect.




People and Machines, Each Doing What They Do Best


System 2 is part of a new movement in the craft trades, bridging the gap between shops that offer traditional craftsmanship and those that offer modern manufacturing. A synthesis of advanced materials and methods with exquisite hand work and finishing allows today's craftsperson to produce superb projects to exacting standards.

Our team of dedicated makers are committed to producing the finest bespoke millwork and furniture, and no detail is considered too small. Installations are completed by specialists who understand that the magic of a newly transformed space lives in the details.

Our clean, modern production facility is staffed by committed craftspeople and outfitted with CNC production and state of the art finishing equipment. Rigid adherence to production schedules and unrelenting standards in construction and finish ensure that your project is completed beautifully, on budget and on time.

With a focus on open communication throughout the project cycle, we leverage the benefits of modern collaborative tools to improve information sharing during the process. Your project is fabricated exactly as you envisioned, and the results are phenomenal.


Things of quality have no fear of time


System 2 Inc.

Architectural Millwork & Design

Serving the design, architecture and contracting communities.

Furnishing Toronto's finest homes with custom crafted excellence in woodworking and design.

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